Customizing & Personalizing Suspended Until Further Notice

At this time, we are not taking custom orders. We are in the process of seeking new space for our steamshop in Seattle, Washington.

Fine Art & Stationery

Available Products to Purchase

As you can see, our product selection is slim. Moreover, please give us ample time to ship as most of these pieces are buried in our airship container.

[If there is nothing beneath this sentence, we regret to inform you that there is nothing to purchase at this time.]

Please enjoy the gallery of products past.

If you are a lucky customer in possession of one of our handcrafted artifacts, we would love to know how you’re getting on with the benefit of a SteampunkStewie treasure.


Prose Style
Ever wonder where the art on your handbag comes from? Stewie has always had the gift of illustration and a penchant for pictorial parables. Combining the two allows her to pen maps, craft cunning containers, and design distinctive symbols for her own mythical world. Some of these might just be available for your own home.