This steampunk inspired Google doodle is for Alessandro Volta.

Many are inspired to read history by the pure virtue of history. They’re lulled by the raw object lessons taught and learned during periods of reigning patriarchies and tyrannical overlords. As for inventors, each are inspired by the act of another to write his or her own history with indelible certainty and curiosity. These actions lead to discovery and inventions that we enjoy today. In this case, the electric battery by Alessandro Volta.


My curiosity is sparked through form and function vis-a-vis good design: graphic, architecture, patterns, and everyday products. My instant response comes from a reaction to movement –especially kinetic movement. In this case, today’s Google doodle is an animated graphic that lights up like a carnival game on the midway with a graduated path moving upward like a gauge. Mark Holmes, the illustrator of this doodle, outlines his research process here -much like the way I research.

This fascinates me.

When I’m fascinated, I’m immediately hooked like a junkie to learn more about why it was created and how it conveys history in a modern way. This is the way I love being introduced to historical significance. In this case, it happens to be Volta.

Because Volta is known as the inventor of the electric battery, can you see how enticing this graphic is? Nice job, Mark.

Want to read more about Alessandro Volta? You can read Charlotte Connelly’s record setting article on The Guardian.

PS. One of my favorite shows is How It’s Made. I stop everything to watch a tremendous spectrum of creations, from how buttons are cut to the spinning carousels of clear growler bottles being filled with beer. There something alluring about watching how products are fabricated into instruments of beauty, but that’s probably just me.

Today was an opportunity to stretch a bit and resume writing a bit due to the heinous weather Mother Nature wrought this week. This gives me workshop time, however, so I must not delay my inspiration any longer.

My brick and mortar may be closed, but my online shop remains open!

Goggles on!

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