For those of you who love journals, I wanted to craft a unique OOAK piece for you that contains a secret porthole. For some, the magic lies between the layers of the acrylic round and leather. For others, it’s how the book is opened and what is written within.

I love this because this can become your true companion with both Moleskine journal and a mini iPad.


You can tuck your iPad inside the panel and you can also turn the journal cover inside out and rest the iPad on the panel. Bonus if you’ve got a smart cover on the iPad -then you can tuck the smart cover into the panel to watch your favorite Doctor Who episode.

Handcrafted, dyed, stitched
Refillable 5.5″ x 9″
Fits Large Moleskine Journal
Fits iPad mini
3 Panels: 2 panels on the right (one for journal + secret panel), 1 panel on left
Double wrap closure.

**Personalizing Available!**

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