Knowing we were heading to our first ComicCon, we needed to expand our repertoire to include Super Heroes and Super Villains. I can’t wait to show you our first super villain skully!

Isn’t Skully adorable? Black skull with a red flame halo that also make his eyes glow. I’m super thrilled about this design and we’re putting him on a few of our products.

Are you a super villainess at heart? Then you’ll need this handcrafted skully leather tote for your accessory.


Got plans for world domination? Then you’ll want this handcrafted leather skully tech bag at your side.


We’ll post a few more this weekend as we take photos. We’ve so busy that we haven’t had a chance to take proper photos. Keep your eyes open for our super villain single and double wine totes! A must have for any post apocalyptic celebration.


Goggles on!
Stewie & MAndrew

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