A Fantasy Genre Made for Me

Who knew this had a name?

I’ve always loved gears and sprockets. I also love simply watching the way the large steel arm on the engine on the locomotive would push to momentum. I love the idea of travel to destinations unknown in an air ship and discovering beauty in every culture and experiencing their traditions -sometimes I make them my own.
I’m one of those people who romanticize Victorian England and Europe, following in footsteps of Sherlock Holmes or Jack the Ripper. Wearing gorgeous dresses made by Parisian designers interrupted with a harness -or- dressing up in men’s attire with the shirt unbuttoned just a bit too far. Browsing through curiosity shops and sipping Port on the streets of Lisbon.

Boots, leather porthole journal, and my wine tote are always nearby for a quick escape as I stir up magic or conjure tricks from thin air. One never knows if I convey in merely raw fact or just speak the truth for pure shock value. Scented stationery designed with my naughty illustrations are filled with disobedient tales and rumors of mysteries I’ve started in dark alleyways.

Today, this humble shop will allow me to explore my passion and bring unique things to life. As a trained illustrator and fine artist along with the experience of working with leather and metal, I would so love to operate a shop between Olivander’s Wands and the Wesley Brother’s Joke Shop.

Join me on this adventure, will you?

If you have any suggestions, please contact me. I look forward to cultivating this world together.

Goggles on!