What is Steampunk?

In short: Fantasy Sci-Fi

Initially, we can thank the authors H.G.Wells (Time Machine), Jules Verne  (20,000 Leagues Under the Sea), and Mary Shelley (Frankenstein) for creating science fiction and to K. W. Jeter for coining the term ‘steam-punk’ and launching a sub-genre movement.


I love Steampunk because it has only 2 rules:

  1. The aesthetics of design and fashion have to incorporate Victorian dress, and
  2. It has to emulate anything before the industrial revolution.

Steampunk is about making and much of the components are layered and moreover, may be up-cycled from other products or derived from found objects. This may also incorporate additional elements from the genres of fantasy, horror, historical fiction, alternate history, or other branches of speculative fiction, making it often a hybrid genre.

I bet if you have watched any science fiction TV shows or movies like Doctor Who, Warehouse 13, Harry Potter, HellBoy, Sherlock Holmes, Wild Wild West, and Bedknobs and Broomsticks, you’ll notice they use artifacts, instruments, and weapons that don’t work on planet Earth.

Along with movie makers, this sub-genre is gaining traction with the help of artists, authors, and musicians.

Festivals are being held around the World much like the Renaissance Fairs that you’re familiar with today. Some are attached to venues like  ComicCon or bravely installing autonomous pop-ups in different regions of the states –ConTemporal in Raleigh is one such event.

Burning Man 2013 - El Pulpo Mecanico - Cat Laine Burning Man 2013 – El Pulpo Mecanico – Cat Laine

So, how will you let steampunk effect you?
Because Steampunk is also known as creative anachronism, it’s becoming a lifestyle movement generated by the unrest and reaction of living an unsustainable life that is propagated by heavily armed fossil moguls and politics.

This subculture allows immersion as much or as little as we want. You’ll find yourself surrounded in a world that draws interesting people from diverse backgrounds, ethnicities, and social classes who share the same discontent for the status quo.

Also commonplace (and strongly encouraged through peer pressure) is that the makers (artists, musicians) create fictional personas. An essential element of transformation is creating a personal mythology to help frame the ‘punker’s vocation. Some alter-egos are royalty, scientists, merchants, adventurers, even criminals.


Where We Come In
We recognize that those of us who are dipping our proverbial toes into this fascinating subculture, there are aspects to the theater that we gravitate toward. Some may like victorian lace with metal fasteners, others might like leather with rivets, or brass and sprockets. Whatever your fancy, we are here to help.

Initially, we’re crafting an aesthetic that traverses through the fantasy World center called ‘Steampunk for the Straights’ -just another way to express your individualism with our treasures. Please explore our line as we create, developing a voice for your persona as extreme as you want. Over time, we will get into home decor, cosplay, and even steampunk erotica.

We welcome suggestions and I hope you will join us on the adventure!

If you must learn more about Steampunk, read on Wikipedia..

Goggles on!
Stewie & Mandrew

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