Why Working With Us Is a Special Occasion

When ever one purchases a bespoke product, it is a special process -unlike a ready-made bag that is purchased off the shelf of a big department store.

There are many quiet factors that go into a one-of-a-kind product that cannot simply be quantified. If we did quantify all of those quiet factors plus the project management that goes into the product as well as the customer, any product of ours could easily be 3x the price you see quoted on our site.

Perhaps it should be.


As it is, you get a great value for the price as well as the opportunity of working with 2 people whose desire is to make each customer feel as special as possible. We want you to have a one-of-a-kind experience that you can only get with us. Sometimes that doesn’t happen due to behind-the-scenes chaos the customer isn’t made aware of -you know- this little thing called life. Within the same vein, there are mishaps that don’t allow the project to continue because the 2 people working on the bag are ‘only 2 people.’

No clones.

When both Stewie & MANdrew are juggling several plates in the air, no one is available to pickup the slack and continue the project –making the process appear seamless. These are the pitfalls of running a business. When hiccups arise, they appear gross and out of line to the customer’s expectations, especially when the customer is used to immediate gratification.

How can you help?
We ask that you apply a little compassion to small businesses that have your best interest at heart. Small businesses are struggling to make both the customer, landlord, and utilities happy. Something is bound to fall thru the cracks. We get overwhelmed. We balance too much. We make mistakes.

We do promise a beautifully handcrafted and exquisite leather product made just for you. And you can be assured that your experience and personal treasure cannot be duplicated.

Thanks so much for supporting our small business.

Goggles on!
Stewie & MANdrew

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