We thoroughly enjoyed our first time exhibiting at ComicCon this week! What a thrill!

I’d like to thank the folks at Wizard World for encouraging us to exhibit our craftsmanship to a group of passionate, creative individuals.

A few of you knew that we had plans to exhibit at ACC but waitlisted for the third time; ultimately never called. I have to say, if it weren’t for being denied to exhibit in Baltimore, we would have missed a good opportunity finding our real tribe.


Our Booth

I take great pleasure in making truly unique products for those who love steampunk and have a passion for individual expression.

After talking with several people, we realized they require our services and we’ve accepted the challenge. So, we will be crafting arm guards, gauntlets, hip belts, shin guards, and a plethora of other cosplay pieces for those who need them.

If you need something, please let Stewie know straight away!

Our Products

Additionally, we were excited to get invited to provide our work to a character on the Walking Dead, the Red Carpet, and a few shows happening this Fall. Keep your fingers crossed that this actually happens. Just because I mention this doesn’t mean it happens until we concretely see it on the big screen. 😉

I know that Friday, I had to remind myself where I was because I found myself smiling. Yes, for those of you who know my RBF, I was delighted by the folks who walked by my booth dressed in their finest costumes.

Great Cosplay Characters

At the end of the show, I was still in a good mood -and that’s rare after any show. In the past five years we break even. Art shows have become a racket and I resent trying to build products for people who just want me to give them a discount.

This is our full time job.

You know that our craftmenship is authentic, unique, and embodies our voice. Any work that we do is a fair price -in many cases we’re under charging for our work. You might want to pick up your favorite before price goes up (some already have). Just sayin’. 😉

If you want learn more about working with us, please read why working with us is a special occasion.

Again, if you need something made, please let Stewie know straight away! The queue is getting pretty lengthy.

Here’s hoping to seeing you again at the next Wizard Con!

Until the next time,
Goggles on!
Stewie & MANDrew

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